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This is a coffee station I designed for my own house. I had been looking for at least 2 years in consignment stores and online for the perfect furniture piece to fit that space. I wanted one that was close to 42″ tall, 42″ wide, and 18″ deep.  I couldn’t find anything close, so I decided to build something myself.

I bought the baskets and designed the bottom two shelves to fit. I used wood as the sides of the top section because I wanted a towel rack on one end, and an old-timey bottle opener on the other. The top is joined together with wood glue and pegs for a unique look.

And the red wheels really add that touch of industrial elegance, recalling the feel of an industrial cart from yesteryear.

Fun Note: All the wood you see is scrap I bought off a retiring woodworker. All different kinds: cedar, mahogany, oak, poplar, etc. I sized them down, planed them all the same thickness, and joined them with biscuits for a seamless, beautiful look.