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Hi, my name is Tim. I’m an author (as Ross Cavins), computer programmer, web designer, and thrifting whore.

I’ve always been drawn to the steampunk industrial look. And I love creating pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely functional.

No matter what I do, I must be creating something or I’m not happy. Whether that means I’m crafting quirky characters, writing tricky code, designing unique logos, or upcycling previously unused, unwanted items into a single functional piece, it’s the “creative process” and knowledge that others will enjoy my handiwork that keeps me motivated.

And while others may copy my designs, they will never match my attention to detail. I strive to provide unique creations that become conversation pieces in your home.

This store will combine all of my lifelong loves. I truly hope you enjoy my work.

Steampunk Industrial Lighting

This page is only here to show off some of my design and build skills. While these lamps aren't available to purchase online (I don't want the hassle of shipping them), some are available at The Loaded Grape in Greensboro, NC.Enjoy the funkiness and beefy...

Industrial Kitchen Shelving

A local homeowner had an idea in her mind for some industrial shelving for her kitchen. The builder added horizontal header boards into the wall when redoing the kitchen, and then added my Metallic Black Floating Pipe shelves. The wood is thick cedar from...

Industrial Coffee Station

This is a coffee station I designed for my own house. I had been looking for at least 2 years in consignment stores and online for the perfect furniture piece to fit that space. I wanted one that was close to 42" tall, 42" wide, and 18" deep.  I couldn't...