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CTX Construction Screws
CTX Construction Screws
CTX Timber Screws
CTX Structural Screws
CTX Timber Screws
CTX Construction Screws

#15 CTX Construction Screws Structural Timber (Bulk Box)

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  • Screw Style: CTX Construction Timber Structural Lag Screw for hard or soft wood applications
  • Screw Material: Hardened, heat-treated, high quality Steel for maximum strength
  • Thread Style: Features an aggressive thread design to chew through wood faster
  • Drive Style: T30 Torx Star Drive
  • Head Style: Modified Truss Wafer Head (9/16″ diameter!)
  • Point Style: Type 17 auger-like tip for quick starts without screw walking
  • Applications: Decks, Framing, Outside Fastening, Connecting Posts & Beams, Exterior Fencing, Gazebos, Building Structures, Roofing, Timber, Flooring, Joists, etc.
  • Extra Features: Knurled shank reduces drag for easier application
  • Coating: Ruspert Ceramic 3-layer coating for exceptional corrosion resistance


#15  (5/16″) Structural Construction Lag Screws
CTX Exterior Timber Screws
Compare to Big Timber Bronze Star, GRK Exterior, and Simpson Strong Tie screws,
only they’re more affordable!!


Ruspert Ceramic Coating
This Ceramic Coating is a high quality three-layer finish.
(1) The initial zinc layer provides natural corrosion prevention.
(2) The second layer is an anti-corrosion film to create tight adhesion between the other layers.
(3) Finally, the outer layer is a baked-on ceramic coat for a nice, slick finish.
The Ruspert coating provides enhanced scratch and corrosion resistance.
Salt Spray Tested over 1000 hours without failures.
Type 17 Point
This special screw point chews up wood as you drill so you no longer need to pre-drill holes!
This is an important time-saver for screws of this diameter size.
Modified Truss Wafer Head w/Torx Star Drive
Specially modified truss wafer head (9/16″ diameter) gets maximum connection with wood surfaces
and the T30 Torx Star Drive makes drilling easy with less cam-out and stripping.
Knurled Shoulders
This feature helps reduce drag so the screws go in easier.
These screws are factory-direct, made to my exact specifications for applications that require High Quality Screws.
I only sell items I use myself. Why pay name-brand prices when you can get the same quality for less?
Approved for use with ACQ, CA , ACZA, and CCA Treated Wood / Lumber.
NOTE: These are sold by the pound with approximate numbers:
3-inch Screws
100 screws = 2.96 lbs (1343g)
250 screws = 7.4 lbs (3358g)
500 screws = 14.8 lbs (6716g)
1000 screws = 29.6 lbs (13,432g)
3-1/2-inch Screws
100 screws = 3.48 lbs (1580g)
250 screws = 8.7 lbs (3950g)
500 screws = 17.4 lbs (7900g)
1000 screws = 34.8 lbs (15,800g)
6-inch Screws
100 screws = 5.44 lbs (2471g)
250 screws = 13.6 lbs (6177g)
500 screws = 27.2 lbs (12,354g)


These screws go in effortlessly with little friction without any need to pre-drill holes!!
They are WAY BETTER and STRONGER than traditional galvanized or zinc-coated lag screws.
And because there’s no pre-drilling, you save gads of time!
Other sizes available!

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100, 250, 500, 1000


3", 3-1/2", 6"