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Biden Pooping Figurine Satire Bobblehead
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Funny Joe Biden Gag Pooper
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Joe Biden Pooping Figure Bobblehead Thingee


Joe Biden Pooping Figurine Bobblehead thingee. The perfect gag gift for every Democrat fan (or Dem hater) … because this is a hilarious & unique item you won’t find just anywhere! And while it’s technically NOT a bobblehead, who cares? Whether you like Biden or don’t, this satire pooper guy is truly funny. Pull the Ultimate Prank with a Joe Biden Pooping doll.



Introducing the Joe Biden Caganer Pooping Figurine Bobblehead Thingee? Why? Why Not?

The Caganer is a Catalan Christmas “tradition” where the pooping figurine is hidden in the Nativity scene for children to find. Yes, the “Elf on a Shelf” is a copycat of a much grosser tradition that dates back to 17th or 18th century.

Catalonia is the northeast section of Spain that borders France, and is home to the popular tourist city of Barcelona. Catalonians are different people than the rest of Spain, with different traditions and unique customs.

One of those is the Caganer — the literal translation is “the defecator.” This is a real thing: [Wikipedia]. The “traditional” caganer is in the likeness of a Catalan peasant farmer.

But throughout the years, Caganers have been produced in the likeness of everyone from political figures to the Smurfs to world leaders to superheroes to religious icons. Trump, Biden, Obama, Clinton … not even American politicians are safe. Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is fair game for a Caganer pooping figure.

I first learned about them when my wife and I traveled to Barcelona during Christmas, and these pooper figures were for sale in every local market in every single square. It was crazy.

And now, I have these funny pooping figures here just for you. Forget the Elf on a Shelf … create a new tradition in your household!

Fun things to do with a Biden Caganer Figure:

  • Hide in on a shower shelf.
  • Prank your spouse.
  • Hide it in the microwave.
  • Car Dashboard non-bobblehead.