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stocking hanger for block style mantel
christmas industrial white hook
industrial stocking hook
industrial white stocking hanger
white stocking hanger for mantel
heavy duty white stocking hook

White Christmas Stocking Hanger A Hook Holder Mantel Cork Heavy Duty Rustic Farmhouse Industrial

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  • 2.5″ wide
  • 4″ deep
  • .4″ thick (10mm)
  • Cork feet
  • Craftsman style


HEAVY DUTY Christmas Stocking Hanger Hook A
White Metal Rustic Farmhouse Industrial Minimalist
Craftsman – Arts and Crafts Style

Made out of 100% Steel with a Cork Bottom for Maximum Grip!
White Powder Coated for a long life.

Each one weighs a hefty 1 lb 3.5 oz.

The top base measures around 4″ deep x 2.5″ wide and is .4″ (10mm) thick!! The underside has a depth of almost 3.75″, so it can easily fit on a shelf or mantel that’s 4″ deep.

— Tests held a stocking filled with 4 lbs of coal, you know … just in case —

They are rustic with a handmade vibe … no two are alike. There will be imperfections (tiny holes, shears, & too-much-grinding-in-that-spot-right-there) because I’m not perfect. These aren’t spit out by a machine; some parts are punched while others are cut, then they are welded, ground down, and painted.

They’ll look and feel like your proud grandfather made them and handed them down to you. And they’ll last so long you’ll be able to hand them down to the next generation … and so on!

Please Note: Weight tests weren’t made with a small kid yanking on it … hopefully you have a mantel high enough a child who doesn’t know any better can’t reach the stocking. And if a child who knows better yanks it down, maybe you should get them some more schooling on physics.

Also, these are designed for a mantel with a “block style” straight side for the hanger hook to rest against. If you have a mantel with a rounded thin lip instead, the hanger will pivot forward along the edge and fall off. Please look at all the review photos to see what is meant by a “block style” mantel.

Additional information

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions5 × 2 × 1 in